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Tank equipment

M&S tank equipment are used to equip containers, apparatus and tank vehicles.
In addition to valves for maintaining a gas inlet pressure (CO2) with protection against impermissible overpressure as well as for withdrawing small quantities of liquids, they also include components for indicating the filling level and for cleaning.
M&S manufactures these products in various versions and dimensions as standard and keeps them in stock.
Areas of application:
For containers, apparatus, plants and piping systems.
  • For maintaining a gas inlet pressure (bunging pressure) and relieving in the event of an impermissible increase in pressure.
    • Bunging pressure regulator
  • For visual control of the filling levels
    • Level indicators
  • For cleaning the inside surface of the tankul style="list-style-type:disc;">
  • Spray balls
  • For dispensing small quantities of liquid
    • Sampling and drain cocks