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Leakage-butterfly valve LSV07

M&S leakage-butterfly valves are used for mixing-safe shut-off of incompatible media in pipeline crosspoints. Unintentional mixing is reliably prevented, e.g. in the event of sealing defects or other faults.
The leakage-butterfly valve type LSV07 is based on the further developments of the M&S butterfly valve type SV04. The use of the optimised centre seal with the T-geometry and a compact housing design with a closed surface, as well as the use of the same accessories and spare parts, are also part of this.
  • For absolutely safe hygienic media separation, e.g. when connecting CIP-lines to the product area.
  • As a cost-effective alternative to appropriately used double-seat valves

T-butterfly valves

M&S T-butterfly valves are used to distribute or divert media.
Arranged in a three-way system, they consist of a tee with two manually or pneumatically operated butterfly valves. The butterfly valves can be switched individually or coupled with a switching combination.
  • For diverting or distributing liquid or, to a certain extent, gaseous products in pipelines, apparatus and on tanks and containers.
  • Preferably in hygienic production plants and cleaning processes, but can also be used in energy supply.